Dean Close School

With 38 fire alarm systems spread across 100 miles, Dean Close School's fire safety compliance was literally all over the place. They made the switch to Tio and never have to worry about missing or hard-to-find information ever again.

We have been using Tio fire logbooks for almost a year and with 38 panels spread over 100 miles. The ability to manage them all centrally is outstanding, no longer relying on old paper logbooks and having to find time to inspect them all. The logbooks are very intuitive to use, and provides a single source of evidence for inspections

– Mick Seamarks MBE

Mick Seamarks MBE is the Head Porter and Compliance Manager at Dean Close School. As a former RAF pilot with meticulous organisation and safety awareness, he is responsible for keeping all the students and staff safe in this prestigious school.

Dean Close School is one of the most prestigious schools in the UK with upwards of 950 pupils enrolled annually. The institute boast almost 40 buildings set across a 50-acre campus that include a 550-seater professional theatre, amphitheatre, 2 floodlit artificial football fields, 25m indoor pool, climbing wall, indoor rifle range, dance studio and fully equipped gymnasium. As both a Boarding and Day School that invests in providing pupils with best experiences in education, keeping their environment safe from fire risks is of paramount importance.

Previously, Mick’s office was home to 38 binders, each containing stacks of certificates, site drawings, and both historical and current logbooks. While Mick was organised, it was time-consuming and frustrating to locate, reference, and replace the various paper documents his team needed to complete their daily and weekly compliance activities.

When the 7-strong estate team would complete the daily, weekly, and monthly fire safety checks across the 50-acre campus, they would need to trek back to Mick’s office to make and file their entries into the each of the binders before heading back out for the rest of their responsibilities. With hours spent each week trying to make their traditional paper-based fire compliance system work, Mick knew there had to be a better way – he then found Tio.

After creating his Tio account, Mick added all of the school’s facilities to the new Dean Close School Tio Core and invited the estate team to join as users in minutes. All new fire records are now documented in the cloud and the team have instantly cut out all cross-campus travel to update fire safety records.

Today when issues or opportunities are identified, the team create a Task in their Tio Core which notifies Mick and the rest of the team with the details of what needs to be done, by when, and with what priority. Every day all 7 members of the estate team log in and follow the tasks schedule provided in app and never have to worry about missing or hard-to-find information ever again.