Phoenix Learning & Care

Group Quality & Service Delivery Director at Phoenix Learning & Care, Tom, has an important responsibility; to make sure the children and adults relying on Phoenix’s life-changing services can do so in a safe environment. Alongside coordinator Olivia, they are responsible for fire safety across the organisation.

With over 40 locations spread across the UK and over 500 employees focused on vulnerable people, maintaining the disconnected paper trail of fire safety compliance sometimes becomes a near-impossible task to do right.

As Phoenix is regulated by Ofsted, CIW, Estyn and CQC, the ability to demonstrate Phoenix’s robust safeguarding practices at a moment’s notice is crucial to the reputation of the organisation.

Phoenix is one of the largest care and education service providers in the Southwest of England and South Wales and has operated residential children’s homes, adult supported living services, and specialist education since 2006.

After 14 years of paper logbooks, in 2020, Phoenix was recommended to use Tio. Their Fire Safety Advisor was conducted by Jon Limer, Director of Peninsula Fire Safety SW, who has over 20+ years’ experience in the industry.

Over the years, Jon hasn’t seen anything as useful as Tio for companies to stay on top of their fire safety compliance and recommends it to every building occupier in the country.

After a short demonstration of Tio, Phoenix knew they had found the solution to their problems. They instantly committed to going digital with all their logbooks and planned to use Tio to simplify fire safety compliance across their 40+ locations, in one go.

In less than 2 hours of onboarding, Phoenix had set up Tio for every location across the country and invited on-site staff to start using Tio.

Today, Phoenix is taking advantage of Tio’s unlimited users policy and is continuously growing their account. Every new user learns to use Tio in minutes and many easily embed it into their routine; accessing the logbook for their building and keeping it updated.

Phoenix now monitor the fire safety of their entire portfolio of locations in a single dashboard and have cut down on cross-country travel just to enforce fire safety processes. With Tio’s flexible subscription, Phoenix are adding buildings to the system as they grow their operations and love that setting up a new building is a simple as sending an email.