Digital Transformation Webinar [26/10/23]

Thank you for attending our recent webinar on digital transformation in fire safety! We’ve complied our favourite questions from the session below for the benefit of all 1000+ that registered.

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Top Questions & Comments

“Really good information and it appears to be a simple system to use. The dashboard is a great reporting tool.”

Comment from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

“How did your customers find getting contractors to use the system to log maintenance visits? Did they have any issues?”

Question from WHSmith

Answer: Your account comes with unlimited contractors. Tio has a dedicated team that provide free training and on-boarding for all contractors which usually takes 15 minutes. Once onboarded, contractors find it simple and easy to use. – Bilal Saci

“Can you restrict users authority when accessing the software?”

Question from KRM

Answer: Yes, there are four levels of user access rights – Admin, Co-Admin, Editor & Contributor. These are in addition to read-only access for guest users. You can also assign different users to groups that can only access certain buildings. It’s all customisable from within your account. – Bilal Saci

During inspections where digital solutions are being used I have been challenged that some options out there either don’t cover everything they need for their portfolio, for example asbestos registers, drawings for locations of emergency lighting etc.

Question from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

Answer: Tio is a 5-in-1 system so can be used for fire, security, gas, electrical and water safety. If there is anything else that needs to be added outside of this we have a feature called custom tasks to make our software cover everything a company might need. – Jason Hill

Another challenge (usually in retail from my experience) they have a checklist of routine maintenance in the specific store, when they check this off as complete, this often goes to central location and the individual store cannot access the information, this also applies for gas safe certificates etc.

Question from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

Answer: In our experience we find lots of companies including retail stores use a CAFM system to record fire safety checks and maintenance, unfortunately the vast majority of these systems do not have the functionality to make the records accessible to all interested parties such as the fire rescue service, fire risk assessors and contractors. This means that they are not meeting the requirements of BS5839-1:2017 48.2 note 2 which states the logbook may be kept in electronic form but needs to be accessible for all interested parties. That’s why Tio makes the records accessible via a simple QR code. Users can also print a copy of the logbook on paper or in a pdf format in single click. This allows them to provide a physical copy if required. So whichever customers choose to use Tio, they will always be able to meet the requirements of the British Standards. – Jason Hill

Finally, another challenge is that external contractors often do not appear to have access to the digital records as they are not part of the business, they cannot be given access (this is what I am told)

Question from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

Answer: All of our accounts come with unlimited users and contractors so there is no reason not to give contractors access to the records. We provide free onboarding and training to all contractors and this is usually carried out remotely via teams and take around 15 minutes. – Jason Hill

With regards to cost, is this reflective of the size of the business?

Question from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

Answer: Yes. All customers start on a free account that has no time limit, once they use up their 50 entries they are able to subscribe to a paid plan which start from as little as £4.99 per building per month and the more buildings you add to your account the cheaper it gets. Learn more on our pricing page. – Jason Hill

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