External Access Setup

The external access QR codes are associated with individual Premises. Visitors involved in the Fire Safety of your premises can scan the QR code on arrival to sign in or view your digital records. Select Manage > External Access to bring up the setting page.

Generate Here” Option

This option enables you to generate a unique QR code to access your Premises immediately from this page. Simply select ADD and this will generate the link and code automatically. Once you have selected the access options you require select SUBMIT to enable the code.

Each code can be edited and accessed from the same screen.

When you have submitted external access you can view or print the QR code:

  1. Select the correct row in External Access
  2. Select View QR code and scan with your phone camera
  3. Select Print to print the QR code and this can be placed near your fire panel for fire safety visitors to scan

Pre-Printed” Option

If you have ordered QR codes from Tio with your Logo pre printed (available here) you can add the copied URL to this location to associate the QR code with this premises. Simply scan and copy the URL (link) into the URL field, select the access options and hit SUBMIT. More detailed instructions are available here.

Pre-Printed QR code assignment