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Our mission is to upgrade every building from unreliable paper-based safety documentation to digital tools that help manage and prove fire safety compliance anytime, anywhere.

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Our Mission

Empowering Every Industry

At Tio, we envision a world where technology connects everyone invested in building safety. From building occupiers to service providers, fire rescue services to insurers, our vision is a safer, smarter built environment for all.

  • Every Building

  • Every Industry

  • Every Best Practice

  • Every Regulation

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"We had a fire audit last week and the local fire & rescue service were blown away by Tio"

Hospitality & Leisure

Elevate fire safety practices effortlessly, ensuring the well-being of guests and staff.

Retail & Commercial

Empower shop staff to manage and improve fire safety procedures for fewer incidents and safer customers.

Warehousing & Manufacturing

Enhance safety across manufacturing plants, adapting to diverse production facilities and ensure compliance and safeguarding valuable inventory and personnel.

Educational Institutions

Suitable for every type of educational institution with unlimited users and custom tasks for comprehensive fire safety and safeguarding compliance.

Discover the power of Tio

Join us in creating a universally secure and connected future.

Government Facilities

Enhance fire safety in government buildings, providing a secure environment for public servants and citizens.

Commercial Real Estate

Simplify fire safety compliance for property portfolios, ensuring the safety of diverse commercial properties.

Healthcare Facilities

Ensure patient safety with Tio in healthcare, managing fire safety seamlessly across vast facilities.

Data Centers

Elevate fire safety standards in data centers. Tio’s dynamic platform ensures compliance, safeguarding critical data infrastructure and maintaining business continuity.

Financial Institutions

Safeguard financial centers with Tio, ensuring compliance across multiple branches for staff and customer well-being.

The Future of Fire

Now is the time to switch to digital. Tio has everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Transportation and Logistics

Optimize fire safety protocols across transportation hubs and logistics centers. Tio ensures compliance, safeguarding critical infrastructure and personnel.

Energy and Utilities

Enhance safety standards in the energy sector. Tio’s adaptability ensures compliance across diverse facilities, contributing to a secure and reliable energy infrastructure.


Elevate fire safety practices in telecommunications hubs. Tio streamlines compliance, ensuring a secure environment for critical communication infrastructure.

Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Ensure safety and compliance in pharmaceutical and biotech facilities. Tio’s dynamic platform adapts to unique industry requirements, fostering a secure environment for research and production.

Environmental Services

Enhance safety practices in environmental service facilities. Tio’s adaptability ensures compliance with industry-specific regulations, contributing to the secure management of environmental resources.

Other Industries

Tio adapts seamlessly to every industry and use case. Let us know your use case and our team of experts will host a personalised demo for you and your stakeholders.