Avoid: Tio explains why you shouldn’t use facilities management software for fire safety checks

FM software can be a powerful tool for maintaining buildings but fire safety laws make it imperative to use a dedicated fire logbook. Here's how.

Facilities management software is a powerful tool that can help facility managers and building managers effectively manage and maintain their buildings, facilities and properties. However, while it can provide a wide range of features and capabilities, it should not be used as a replacement for a digital fire logbook. Tio explains why a digital fire logbook is an essential tool for fire safety and why it should be used in addition to facilities management software.

Most importantly, a digital fire logbook gives you a single place for your all fire safety documents that can be updated and read in real-time so that in case of emergency, emergency responders can quickly access the most up-to-date information about the building’s fire protection systems, layout, evacuation routes and more – saving time and saving lives.

A digital fire logbook is specifically designed to help organisations keep track of fire safety activities and information, including fire safety checks, tests, and inspections and make that information available to interested parties in the correct format.

On the other hand, facilities management software is a more general tool that provides a wide range of features and capabilities related to building and facilities management, including maintenance and repair management, real estate management, space planning, and energy management. While it can provide some features related to fire safety, it is not specifically designed for this purpose and puts you at risk of not being able to demonstrate a clear due diligence process for fire safety in your building.

Digital fire logbooks have simple, user-friendly interfaces that make it easy for contractors, fire rescue services, and your many on-site staff to access and input data, even if they’re not familiar with the wider FM systems or strategies your building has in place.

In a similar way to most FM software, a Tio Core digital logbook sends familiar automated reminders for tasks specific to fire safety and goes one step further by providing step-by-step guidance on how to complete each task following best practices from the British Standards on fire safety. In conclusion, facilities management software can be a powerful tool for managing and maintaining buildings and facilities, but fire safety laws and best practices make it imperative to use a dedicated fire logbook.