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Designed to make compliance simpler, smarter and easier for everyone.

That’s why Tio created a single solution that bundles a BS5839 Compliant digital logbook, digital asset register and digital visitor book.


6 in 1 BS5839-Compliant Digital Logbook

Tio’s collection of safety topics is the industry’s most comprehensive and includes:

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Asset Management

A Single Register For Every Building Asset

Track and manage your contractor’s work by building an interactive asset register from hundreds of pre-configured fire, intruder and safety assets to document inspection results and ensure no asset is left untested.


Track, Record and Account For All Visitors

Manage who is coming in and out of your buildings so that, in the event of an emergency, all visitors, contractors, and staff can be accounted for.

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"We had a fire audit last week and the local fire & rescue service were blown away by Tio"

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