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Tio helps you manage your portfolio of fire safety compliance documents including a free digital fire logbook, a cloud storage for important documents and a personalised list of all your legal obligations.

Find free tutorials in-app from the relevant British Standards on how to complete each compliance task correctly and thoroughly every time.

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Making Fire Safety Digital

Tio is pioneering what the world needs – a digital, paper-free, fire safety compliance app. The first of its kind.

A software and app that empowers health and safety professionals to carry out their legal obligations and duties better, faster and more easily.


Drive The Industry Forward

By investing in new technology and connecting everyone together, Tio is committed to driving innovation for the benefit of everyone involved in fire safety.

Easy-to-use, low cost software with widescale adoption means everyone is familiar with a standard system no matter who is using it. The result is better records, better communication and a smarter, safer industry.

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Stay Compliant With New Rules

The new Building Safety Act introduces a strengthened regulatory regime on top of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order to improve fire safety and accountability in UK buildings.

What is the ‘Golden Thread’ of vital building information?

The Golden Thread is the information that allows someone to understand a building and keep it safe, and the information management to ensure all records are accurate, easily understandable and easily accessible.

Who should be responsible in my organisation?

All occupied higher-risk buildings will be required to have at least one clearly identifiable Accountable Person, who is responsible for ensuring that the fire and structural safety is properly managed for the whole building.

What information must I document?

Your records must contain the information and documents produced for registration and certification, risk assessment, safety case, mandatory occurrence reporting and resident engagement.

Do my records need to be stored digitally?

The RRO effectively requires all building occupiers to maintain accessible records of their due diligence.


The mandate to digitise these records depends on building type. Applicable buildings must comply with the Building Safety Act which requires all critical building safety information to be kept in a digital format.

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