Asset Management

Manage contractors and digitally update your asset register with hundreds of pre-configured fire, intruder and safety assets to document inspection results and ensure no asset is left untested.

A Single Register For Every Asset & Contractor

Record the installation details of new assets, the decommissioning of old ones, and all the compliance test results of current ones. Manage all your assets and their histories in a single app.

Full Visibility of Contractor Maintenance

Capture, view, edit and update individual asset details, history and current status. From your desk and on-site – even with multiple engineers logged in simultaneously.

  • Event, pass and fail history

  • Asset type, make & model

  • Time & date stamping

  • Location

  • User IDs

  • Configuration

Preconfigured Assets

Tio Asset is an out of the box solution that includes every asset type, manufacturer and model. No need to setup anything up, just download the app and start adding and servicing assets immediately.

  • Over 100 Unique Asset Types

  • Every major manufacture & model

  • Recently Used section for common assets

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Join thousands of professionals on Tio and make your fire safety simpler, smarter and easier.

Intuitive User Interface

Organise your assets with our intuitive system so you can find the equipment you need faster than ever before.

  • Pre-define locations on each floor

  • Add floor numbers for your premises

  • Search through and filter your assets

  • Bulk assign assets to any location

Checklists & Certificates

Create your own checklists for each type of service task and asset then generate certificates detailing and confirming the successful completion of responsibilities over any time period.

  • Record inspection notes

  • One-click asset pass / fail

  • Service visit statistics

  • Download and share PDF reports


Tio’s selection of pre-made assets is the industry’s most comprehensive. Each piece of equipment comes with its own set of premade PPM schedules for both the building occupier and their maintenance contractors.

Additional Features

Scaleable Solution

Tio grows with you and our technology is capable of powering the largest of organistions regardless of assets or premises quantities. Have an exceptionally large project? Reach out to us for our enterprise solution.

TOC Import

Tio is preconfigured so no set up is required. Convert panel configuration files to CSV and import them straight into our system to creating a new asset list in seconds.

Secure Cloud Storage

All your data is securely stored in the cloud. Access your Tio Asset system remotely anytime, anywhere using desktop, mobile or tablet.

QR Tagging

Tio Asset’s built-in QR code scanner recognises any QR tag that you use with an asset. Get a pack of Tio’s QR codes, use your own barcode, mix the two or don’t use any at all – Tio Asset is flexible to however you want to use it.

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Join thousands of professionals on Tio and make your fire safety simpler, smarter and easier.