Digital Fire Records

Make fire safety compliance simpler, smarter and easier than ever before with everything you need to keep your building safe and fulfil your legal obligations.

A Light In The Darkness

Digital Fire Records will guide you through the melee of regulation and compliance so you’ll know exactly what to do, when and how to do it – automatically evidencing your due diligence for future reference.

logbook entries

Document Your Diligence

Record every activity and occurrence surrounding your building’s fire safety. 

  • Observations

  • Inspections

  • Risk Assessments

  • Tests

  • Activations

  • Repairs

  • Faults

  • Modifications

compliance tasks

Automatic Task Tracking

Understand which activities are due with an always up-to-date summary of your digital fire records.

Find activities that are:

  • Due in 30 days

  • Overdue

  • Not set up

  • Due in 24 hours

Free expert help

Detailed Task Guidance

Haven’t done a task in a while? Teaching a new team member? Just want to get the task right every time?

Built-in ‘How do I complete this task?’ sections help you and your team complete compliance tasks efficiently, safely and quickly.

  • Step-by-step guide

  • Task objectives

  • Useful tips

  • Preparation

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Join thousands of professionals on Tio and make your fire safety simpler, smarter and easier.


Customisable Document Storage

Back your important documents up in the cloud to access them.

Create, rename, and share folders for anytime, anywhere access while controlling who gets to see what.

  • Photos & Videos

  • Certificates

  • Anything you want

  • Site Drawings

visibility & transparency

Multi-Premises Dashboard

Whether one or 1,000 premises, your dashboard shows you the status of your fire safety tasks and issues at a glance and by premises, sites, teams, service provider or team member.

external Access

Stick, Scan & Share​

Your fire records should be digitally available to all interested parties. With Tio, all you need to do is stick your QR code anywhere accessible.

Never worry about finding paperwork again and save time for everyone, including: 

  • Staff

  • Fire Brigade

  • Fire risk assessors

  • Visiting contractors

Additional Features

Audit Trail & History

How many of us cannot find site drawings, reports and recommendations? How much leaves with previous occupants of the role? How much has been spent recommissioning and re-doing? Simply open your Tio account and everything you need can be there – no matter how many premises you have, where they are or who is now doing the job.

Remote Access

Monitor the fire safety of premises of interest to you, or the entire portfolio, from the comfort of your desk or phone. Cut out unnecessary travel, cost and time. From a single dashboard within Tio Core you can see what proportion of your buildings are fully compliant and manage those that are not. All without needing to visit.

Net-Zero Aware

Reduce paperwork and liberate desk, cupboard and cabinet space alike. Back up, enable people to find what they need, when they need it, and print only what is required!

False Alarm Management

False and unwanted alarms undermine faith in life safety systems and waste valuable resources. Recording and sharing the details is vital to fixing the problems they create and prevention of their recurrence.

British Standards

As regulations change and new actions are required to stay compliant – you can trust Tio will be at the forefront of providing the simplest solutions to keep up. Our digital system is regularly updated to help our users understand the latest building fire safety requirements.

Test Rotas & Schedules

Different fire safety systems and equipment have different inspection, test and maintenance requirements, whether that be the responsibility of the building occupier or service provider. Tio lists and specifies requirements automatically according to the applicable standards for each system.

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