Daily Panel Checks

Daily Panel check is now available in Tio, the task is disabled by default so to enable the check please run through the following steps

  1. Select the Premises you require the check to be added to
  2. Select Tasks from the left hand menu
  3. Select Building Occupier from the main Task screen
  4. Select FILTER > Disabled > Only Show Disabled Tasks
  5. Here you will see the Daily Panel check (alongside any other disabled Tasks)
  6. Select FD&A – Daily Panel check
7. Click SETUP, and select the next due date

Default Frequency:  Daily
Default Responsibility:  Building Occupier
Source:  British Standards code of practice

Where such equipment exists within the building, check the following:-

  • Check fire panel for any faults / anomalies
  • Ensure any faults are logged and communicated to the appropriate party
  • By default, this Task within Tio is disabled but the above remains a requirement. Enable the task if you wish to receive a task reminder and make a record of its completion