Giving a Service Provider Access to your Premises

Giving your Service Provider access to your premises will allow them to create a log book entry when they have completed a service of your building.

  1. Select your Organisation
  2. Select Service Providers
  3. Select Send Invite
  4. This will open an email invitation for you to send and connect with your Service Provider. If they already have a Tio account then they can connect to you connecting-with-your-service-provider. If they do not currently use Tio then they can create a trial premises to see how Tio works.
  5. When they next arrive to service your building they can scan the Tio QR code on the Panel, sign in to your premises and use Tio.

Assigning Premises to your Service Provider

Now you are connected to your Service Provider you can assign all or some of your premises to them:

  1. To assign All Premises, in your organisation select Premises
  2. Select the Service Providers Tab
  3. Select Add Service Providers and from the dropdown choose the Service Provider

To assign a group of premises to your Service Provider:

  1. Select Premises then Premises Groups
  2. Select Create a Premises Group and give the group a name
  3. Add the User Group that can access these premises from the dropdown and add the Service Provider from the second dropdown, select Create Premises Group
  4. Click your new Group and select Edit
  5. Tick the premises the Service Provider can access then Save the Premises Selection: