Setup Visitor Kiosk mode

Enabling Kiosk Mode allows your visitors to check in and out of your premises quickly and safely using a physical device at your premises entrance, such as a permanent tablet at the reception desk. When kiosk mode is enabled a secure PIN of your choice will be required allowing visitors to start checking in.

It is highly recommended that your device is restricted with the following:

  • The kiosk browser should be the only app running
  • The visitors URL should be the only URL you can navigate to
  • Auto power off should be disabled
  • Power off should be disabled

Apple iOS Devices
Apple has an in-built kiosk mode, search for Guided Access in Settings for further instructions.

Android Devices
Each Android device is set up differently, therefore, we recommend searching for a third party kiosk app.

If you have an I.T. department then they can assist with setting up your device.