Understanding user roles

Organisation users

AdminCo-AdminPremises EditorPremises Contributor
Creating a premises/logbookYY
Add / Manage UsersYY
Create / Edit User Group(s)Y*1
Create / Edit Premises Groups(s)Y*1
View KPIs and TasksYYYY
Update Organisation DetailsYY
Viewing the SubscriptionYY
*1 A co-admin can only view and edit the groups they HAVE created. Admins can edit and view all groups.

Premises users

Premises AdminPremises Editor *2Premises Contributor
Enabling topicsYYY
Create / Edit Recurrent TasksYY
Create / Edit User Created TasksYYY
Delete a User Created TaskYY
Adding Assets *3YY
Adding a log book entryYYY
Deleting a Log book EntryYY
Add / Delete VariationsYY
Add / Edit Emergency ContactsYY
Add Documents / FoldersYY
View / Download DocumentsYYY
Deleting a DocumentYY
Visitor Access settingsYY
Enabling External AccessYY
Add / Manage Direct UsersYY
View [change] History YY
Receive Premises Summary e-mailsYY
*2 Co-admins from Org level equate to Premises Editors
*3  50 Call points / 20 Domestic Detectors