Service Level Agreement

1. Purpose and Scope

This document sets to describe Tio’s commitments to provide its Service to its customers. The scope of the service is constrained to within the United Kingdom. 

2. Glossary of Terms

A Service Provider (SP) is referred to a company that services a building’s fire safety equipment. A Building Occupier (BO) is either the owner or the responsible person in charge of Fire Safety in the premises.  Premises is the building wherein Fire Safety equipment is found.

3. The Service

Tio shall use best practice and endeavors to target a service uptime > 99.5% during normal business hours, with the exceptions stated below.


  • Scheduled maintenance. Notice shall be given of any significant scheduled maintenance 
  • Emergency maintenance. In the case of Emergency Maintenance, Tio will provide Client with as much prior notice as is reasonably practicable in the circumstances and use its best efforts to minimise the duration of any interruption or disruption to the Service.
  • Failure of 3rd party to provide Services
  • Client’s failure to:
    • Comply with any Terms & Conditions
    • Pay any fees owed for the Service

4. Features & upgrades

All new features and upgrades to the service are performed out of normal business hours.

5. Normal Business Days & Hours

Normal business hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm GMT with the exception of public holidays. 

6. Customer Support availability

Customer support shall be available during normal business hours using the following contact methods

  • Live chat (during normal business hours)
  • Call 0117 435 0130 (during normal business hours)
  • Email (out of normal business hours)

7. Feedback

All feedback can be provided in app or emailed to