Adding Users

There are two ways of adding users to premises, Organisation Users or Direct Users. Organisation Users can have access rights to multiple Premises and Users, they will also have the ability to access the Premises through the App. Direct Users have access to just a single Premises, and will NOT have access to the premises from the App.

Organisation Users

An Organisation User will see a dashboard of useful KPIs and have access to premises they have been assigned. Organisation setup is restricted by whatever role they have been given.

To invite a new user into your Tio Organisation you must be an Admin or Co-Admin:

  • Select People -> Users
  • Select Invite Users
  • Enter the new User’s email address and select the correct role for them and whether they have access to All Premises (default) or just specific premises (from the drop down select Premises Groups)
  • Select Send Invitation

Assigning Access to Premises

After adding users if Premises Groups was selected as the Premises Access this user needs to be added to a user group then assigned the premises they can access via Premises Groups. By default Tio automatically gives Co-Admins access to all premises. To watch how to create user groups and assign premises click the link below:

The advantage of an Organisation User is that assignment and removal of users to multiple premises is easier to manage, and the users will be able to utilise the Tio app functionality.

Direct Users

To invite a new Direct User into a Premises:

  • Select Tio logo (top left of the screen)
  • Select the Premises the user needs access to from this list
  • Select Manage ->Users
  • Select Invite Users (only Admins, Co-Admins and Editors can do this)
  • Type in the new Users email address and select the correct role for them
  • Select Send Invitation

Direct users will only have access to the premises that you have invited them into.  They will not have access to the Organisation dashboard or any Organisation related features or access to the App