Visitors System (Beta)

You can use Tio to track your visitor’s on-site presence and also share important Health and Safety documents with your contractors.

Visitors Notifications/Setup

Go to the visitor’s tab on the left-hand menu of your chosen premises and click settings in the top right corner of your screen. From here you can enable/disable the visitor’s system and add email addresses for people who you would like to be notified of the arrival of a visitor into your building.

View/Print QR code

From this same page you can also view/print your BETA version of the visitors QR code. This QR code is scanned by any visitors/contractors or staff to sign/check in.

Check in

Visitors, contractors or members of staff can now open the camera on their mobile device and scan the QR code to check/sign into your building. Details such as name, company, email, car registration, mobile number, purpose of visit, host name/email and estimate time of departure can be captured.

Once a visitor is ready to leave they can click “check out” on the screen above or open the email sent to them by Tio and follow the on screen instructions. Your visitor will also receive a reminder email to check out 2 hours after their expected departure time IF they haven’t already checked out. On the desktop you will be able to see the total number of people checked into your building, if you click on the visitor you will see further details about their visit. If your visitor forgets to sign out simply click the checkbox next to their name and select “check out” in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Kiosk Mode

In situations where your visitors do not have a mobile device, it is now possible to use the ‘Kiosk URL’ within a physical device located at your premises entrance, when using Kiosk somebody will need to check the visitor out. Please contact support for further details on Kiosk mode.

External Access

Access to your Fire Safety records and documents can also be setup via an additional QR code to that used by the Visitors feature.  Navigating to Manage > External access, then enabled the required options

Below you can see the difference(s) between using the Traditional External access functionality, and the new enhanced Visitor System from Tio.

External AccessVisitor System
View Fire logbook EntriesYESNO
View Shared DocumentsYESYES*
Login Link to Tio logbookYESNO
Visitor Check InYESYES
Visitor Check outNOYES
Enhanced Visitor Information collectionNOYES
E-mail Visitor notificationNOYES
3 Visitor entry categories (Visitor, Staff, Contractor)NOYES
*coming soon