Understanding the dashboard

The Dashboard gives you an overview of the KPI’s for your Premises. These KPIs are based upon any premises groups selected using the dropdown selection box. Many of the KPI’s are clickable for further data on the KPI see * below

Premises : The count of all the premises in this organisation

Topics : Shows how many premises have a Topic set up, a Topic is what equipment or process each premises has e.g. hose reels or training and sets up a task for that topic as a reminder for the Building Occupier or Service Provider to inspect, test or fulfill

Last updated : When each premises was last updated on the system. Useful to monitor which premises are been regularly updated and which need reminding

Activations : The number of activations of fire equipment logged in the last 30 days *

Task Overview : The count of overdue tasks and tasks that are not set up *

Tasks : The number of Premises that have overdue tasks *

Weekly Tests : The number of Premises that have overdue weekly tests *

Assets : The count of all assets and how many have failed testing *

Map : The Map plots your premises based on a valid Postcode: